When was the last time you ate your veggies? When you had some vitamin C an E flowing through your veins? It’s safe to assume that most Aussies fail to eat enough greens.

The lack of nutrient-rich garden goodness in our diets can pose a number of undesirable side effects — particularly poor skin. However, the vegan-friendly skincare company HERBS + HEART has formulated a two-step skincare regiment to nourish the face.

Called HERBS + HEART Elixir, this product is considered a morning serum staple by awakening tired skin. It enriches your face with antioxidants and vitamins, giving the user with a glow.

Unique to other serums on the market, Elixir glides onto skin smoothly and is instantly absorbed. Containing green coffee bean enzymes and moisture-balancing jasmine, this unparalleled concoction promises to fight free radical damage, puffiness and minor pigmentation. It also stimulates elastin and hydrates the skin.

With a matte finish effect, the Elixir also contains gold mica which manifests in a naturally radiant, glowing complexion. Users have called it a ‘sophisticated simplification’ for dry skin.

HERBS + HEART Aloe Whip moisturiser is the second step guaranteed to make your skin glow. The cream is whipped to a smooth consistency, allowing for a silky application. Containing naturally occurring aloe, the moisturiser provides a solid base for vitamins C and E, including beta carotene, to improve the skin’s firmness and hydration.

The inclusion of oats not only gives the moisturiser a delicious vanilla muesli scent, but serves as a protective film; fortifying the skin’s natural UV barrier and sealing in moisture. In turn, this allows the serum and other active ingredients to continually nourish the skin throughout the day.

So what are you waiting for? HERBS + HEART realises the raw benefits of green ingredients and you should too…by trying their new products!

Written by Atal Hakikat

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