At some point in our lives, we’ve got to ask ourselves “is packaged ramen an acceptable meal for the 6th time this week?” The answer is almost always ‘no’ if you’re a reasonable adult. The inevitability is, we all need to learn to cook at some stage. Whether you’re single, taken with a partner who ALSO doesn’t cook, or simply need to look after your body like a good grown-up, cooking is a skill that anyone can learn.

‘But where do I start?’ you might ask, or ‘how do I know what to shop for?’. Marley Spoon has got you covered with their budget-friendly meal kit offering, DINNERLY. Meal kits aren’t necessarily a new innovation by any means, but the prices that Dinnerly offer ARE. Now available to order in NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT, they’ve moved their US based brand here after wild success. From just $5.75 per serving, Dinnerly kicks other food delivery services out of the park.

For time poor or the understandably lazy folks out there, they’ve engineered easy 20-30 minute recipes with pre-portioned ingredients to minimise waste and digital recipe cards to help you cook simple, satisfying dinners that everyone around the table can enjoy, without breaking the budget.

Co-founder Rolf Weber states:

“We are excited and proud to deliver a home cooking solution that doesn’t force customers to choose between convenience, quality, and cost. Recipes use fewer ingredients, packing is streamlined and recipes are online meaning DINNERLY fits within a typical family budget. The average family household cannot afford current meal kit offerings at $10 per portion, DINNERLY is almost half this!”

Speed and convenience, as well as healthy ingredients was all a luxury until now. The menu offers six picky-eater proof recipes to choose from each week, including vegetarian options. Customers will enjoy quality, pre-portioned ingredients such as free-range chicken and seasonal, market fresh veggies delivered to their door. With shipping is just $8.95 per box, you can’t go wrong here.

To give it a go for yourself, visit Dinnerly