Are you like the majority of Sydney, in the sense that you’re as addicted to coffee as we are? Is that craving rising with the ever present expectation to keep doing more and more work? The more important question to be asking is what impact your caffeinated habits are having on the environment.

If you haven’t heard of the keep cup movement, maybe you’re not as bigger coffee fiend as you might have thought. The strain that disposable coffee cups puts on the environment is palpable and is having an extraordinarily terrible impact on our landfill. Your Monday morning cup’a’Joe from the barista around from work contributes to over 1 billion disposable cups per YEAR just in Australia. These disposable cups are considered to be the second largest contributor of litter waste behind plastic bottles, adding considerable pressure to the environment. While they may look recyclable, the paper/cardboard “looking” cups are often sourced externally, and in fact, are insulated in a thin plastic coating that is not biodegradable.


Uppercup is a pioneer in the movement against disposable coffee cups. An Australian business founded in Melbourne, their trendy and ergonomic design offers a smart and stylish solution to waste management with its strategically engineered and recyclable range of reusable coffee cups. Made from high quality Eastman Tritian Copolyester plastic, Uppercup is BPA and BPS free, and additionally provides a durable and stain resistant frame that is dishwasher friendly.

Size appropriate for Baristas, their’s no fuffing around or inconveniencing anyone with larger than life thermos’s the guy ahead in the line always seems to have. engineered with intention, the conical bottom is engineered to produce a perfectly poured beverage every time by distributing liquid ratios evenly, so not only are you having the environment, you’re getting a better-rounded coffee.

double insulated walls ensure you don’t need to sacrifice your fingers for that hot cup of goodness, and as an extra feature may be written upon for when that cute barista leaves you their number.

For more information or to begin YOUR Earth-saving escapade, visit or at selected retailers around the country.