One of the most underrated, yet essential, simple pleasures in life is a good night’s sleep. UK based brand Simba is Europes fastest growing mattress company and they’ve just released their high tech mattresses to Australians for the very first time.

Backed by data from the SLI (Sleep to Live Institute) who’ve amalgamated profiles from a collection of over 10 million participants, Simba comes out on top with a plethora of perks including the highest quality springs and foams (including memory foam, a support layer with specifically engineered cuts to support your body, and their own Simbatex foam); the best cutting-edge innovative technology of its kind in the Australian market. This miracle of a mattress is the result of over 80 prototypes, offering the comfort and luxury of a number of layers of varying foam compositions and the support of up to 2500 specially crafted pocket springs.

simba mattress

To explain the science behind these springs heres an excerpt straight from Simba themselves:

“The SIMBA Hybrid® springs are patented and move horizontally and vertically to fit the shape of your body to give you the best sleep. The springs adjust under each person’s bodyweight because they’re conical, rather than the normal barrel shape. They don’t compress in a linear way: the more pressure applied, the more resistance the springs give, so everyone gets the right amount of support.”

Simba caters to all needs with their extensive sizing range including: Single at $799, King Single at $899, Double at$1,099, Queen at $1,199 and King at $1,299. Each mattress from Simba is accompanied by a 100-night sleep trial with a no hassle returns promise and a 10-year manufacturer guarantee.

To get your hands on (or rather the rest of your body) a Simba mattress, or simple for more information, visit Simba.

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simba mattress