It’s been more than six months since the Jaguar E-PACE was released in Australia, and since customers have been trying out the car. As Jaguar’s first compact SUV, the EPACE does not disappoint.

When I first laid eyes on the E-PACE, it was pretty striking. The vehicle had a bold honeycomb mesh grille and Jaguar’s signature slitted blade lights, all making it seem sleek and stylish. And of course, a large spoiler gave the car a distinctive, sporty exterior.

Sliding into the car, I realised the interior was equally as aesthetic. The driver’s seat — or the cockpit — wrapped around me. The 3-spoke leather steering wheel and the satin gear shift paddles added to the sporty vibe.

Comfort was a dominant feature of the car too. The steering wheel adjusts specifically for drivers, extending out to meet my fingertips so that barely had to move. Other Jaguars always seem a little dark and claustrophobic inside. But not the E-PACE. There was heaps of space and light in both the front and rear.

Turning on the ignition, the vehicle immediately rushed to life. A slight tap on the accelerator released a satisfying VROOM. The sales person told me something about how it was a four-cylinder engine. I wasn’t surprised — I could sure feel that power.

The driving itself felt like running on water. It was smooth, fluid, and super receptive. There was barely any engine lag. The EPACE could speed up (or slow down around those pesky bends) in an instant. But at the same time I had to wrestle with the wheel a little bit and use muscular steering — making me feel like a proper race car driver.

I bought the Jag afterward and now call it my ‘supercar.’

Written by Atal Hakikat

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