The iPhone XS is more advanced than any other phone on the market, with video and photo features that rival the cameras used by industry professionals. Unlike many advanced camera companies, Apple also makes their photography features user-friendly for everyone.

For greater detail in photos and videos, the iPhone XS has advanced depth segmentation using the Neural Engine, has advanced bokeh quality in Portrait mode photos and also improved the dynamic depth of field.

This super phone can now capture more light and shadow in photos than ever before.

Are you ever frustrated when you want to take a photo at night but the lighting is all wrong? Having an iPhone XS will end that frustration, with Apple confirming that the innovative phone can take high quality photos at dusk or night.

That’s not the only situation where the iPhone XS comes in handy. It also maintains the upmost quality for other scenes that usually give cameras strife, such as taking an action shot in mid-light conditions or filming someone with a back-lit background. 

Just as the iPhone XS captures greater detail in photos, so too does it take higher quality video. Strongly lit daylight scenes are no longer too bright on iPhone films.

Portrait mode is also more cutting-edge than ever before, with advanced bokeh and Depth Control. iPhone portraits now feature a more sophisticated and nuanced bokeh and all-new Depth Control to adjust the background blur.

The bokeh will be most apparent where there are areas of high contrast such as light coming through between branches and leaves of a tree.

For creating the most pronounced bokeh, avoid excessively bright backlit scenes where too much of the background is saturated with light.

The best portrait bokeh photos include subjects without fast motion to produce the best sharpness and focus against the beautifully blurred background.

So do you want to take high quality, aesthetic photos with minimal effort? Then the iPhone XS is perfect for you.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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