Pomegranates Australia now has its very own pomegranate orchard. This Mediterranean fruit made it into the international spotlight a few years ago, thanks to its status as a high antioxidant superfood.

Pomegranates Australia is located in Wanbi Downs in the Northern Mallee, South Australia, only 210 kilometres north-east of the city of Adelaide.

Pomegranates Australia orchards are part of a broad-acre farming landscape, whereby the fruit is receiving the ideal Mediterranean climate to produce the best quality fruit.

Pomegranates Australia orchards were planted in 2009 and since have grown to produce 90,000 fruiting trees. Their orchard is one of the largest in Australia and the fruit is hand-picked during harvest to protect the longevity of the trees and help ensure only the best pomegranates make it to market.

Their pomegranates are crushed and juiced to create Bickford’s 100% Pomegranate Juice, which is ranged nationally in Coles, Woolworths and a number of independent retail stores.

As with any fruit crop, the pomegranate orchards are at the mercy of Mother Nature which means that their yield can fluctuate from season to season. In order to give consumers the consistent taste and flavour they enjoy and expect, each bottle contains at least 70% Mallee Pomegranates.

When looking to buy fresh pomegranates, keep a look out for the “Pomegranates Australia” sticker to find this Australian grown fruit in Australian owned market stands and products.

To learn more about pomegranate orchards go to Pomegranates Australia. Visit Bickfords Juice to find out more about their juice range!

Written by Atal Hakikat

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