Asprey Purple Water, a fragrance introduced in 2004 by the British house of luxury goods, continues to amaze customers with its fresh, light, citrus scent suitable for both men and women. Asprey is known to be classically sophisticated yet modern, as expected the Asprey Purple Water fragrance holds the same image.

The top notes that make this high-end fragrance what it is are the mixed scents of jacaranda, white ginger, basil and of course, citrus. To add an earthly feel, main base notes feature vetiver and musk, essentially added to give strength and stature to the ultimate unisex fragrance.

Packaged in a purple and silver, match-striker glass bottle, the image illustrates a refined sense of style. Asprey Purple Water is a uniquely fascinating fragrance that has been made for the man and the woman.

With a number of positive reviews, this fragrance has been and continues to be a success with both men and women because of its easily wearable scent, flattering for both. Asprey Purple Water is a scent that is delicately subtle on a woman and strongly masculine on a man. Whichever the wearer, it is sure to give a sense of modern luxury.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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