VERA WANG FOR MEN is a new woody oriental scented, passionately masculine fragrance that fascinates and seductively captivates. Designed by Vera Wang, the aroma is made to draw emotion and passion from the compelling fragrance. VERA WANG FOR MEN is the fragrance that radiates from you and draws her in with that unexpected masculine, fresh scent created by green mandarin leaf and crisp yuzu zest.

To add character and depth to the fragrance Vera Wang builds on with that seductive, persistent embrace of the romantic nutmeg, the vintage leather and appealing anise. The result is the fresh scent that leaves a lingering thought of rich masculine warmth and a feel of soulful assurance splashed with a smooth blend of sandalwood and tobacco.VERA WANG FOR MEN is a fragrance made for the man of taste, for the man on the go, or any situation that calls for a manly presence.

The fragrance is presented in a weighted, masculine bottle that reveals a cognac colour, with strong, self-assured lines that are accentuated by a platinum-hued collar and a smooth, wood-grained cap. VERA WANG FOR MEN is truly a reflection of the maleness that you are.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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