Since its founding in 1837 Tiffany and Co has been renowned for the world’s finest diamonds. In the 1840s royal jewels from Europe were purchased and introduced to the United States by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany. Since this time and lasting long into the modern day Tiffany diamonds are unrivalled in colour, clarity and cut. The Blue Book Collection showcases a variety of these exquisite stones in more contemporary style settings. Tiffany & Co use their 2010-2011 Blue Book Collection as an annual platform to celebrate their legacy as a premier jeweller. “The collection features handcrafted designs that are miracles of nature and craftsmanship, emerging from the famous Tiffany Blue Box® to enchant the entire world” (Carson Glover Tiffany and Co for the press). Some of the incomparable pieces in this year’s collection include the Tiffany Majestic necklace, the Fringe necklace and a triple-drop pendant with three extraordinarily rare fancy vivid yellow diamonds. Each of these pieces has hundreds and hundreds of captivating diamonds creating the most mesmerizing array of art. The Tiffany Majestic necklace is inspired by the splendour of royal jewels; it took more than a year to procure the more than 300 pear-shaped and round brilliant stones and over 700 hours to create the necklace itself.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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