Ralph by Ralph Lauren, the youthfully feminine fragrance continues to be one of the most favoured fragrances in the Ralph Lauren perfume range. With top notes of Italian tangerine, loquat and osmanthus, the scent has the feel of a fruity cocktail.

The fragrance is so instantly refreshing after a single spray; the sparkling green apple leaves, zesty orange mandarin, pink magnolia and purple freesia all create a lavishly, tropical aroma. Launched over ten years ago, it is clear why this slightly sweet, fresh, fruity fragrance for women is such a hit.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren is represents the woman with a free spirit, an open to anything attitude, a colourful personality, that is never less than amazing. She wants to explore, create, see and experience through her own eyes, every aspect of the world. She believes that the world is her own, reality is what she makes it and she always dares to dream. She is never afraid, but forever curious. This woman is the muse behind this fragrance.

The fragrance is presented in a rounded, luminous, blue bottle that summarises the modern, feminine feel of the uniquely fruity fragrance, Ralph by Ralph Lauren.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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