Hear me? Because we gotU.

In Australia, having a car is seen more as a necessity rather than a luxury – unless that is, you enjoy spending excessive amounts of time stuck on public transport marinating in someone else’s body odour. Of course having a car comes with stacks of costs that you have to continuously fork out cash for, registration, CTP, insurance, fuel, mechanics and roadside assistance (because who wants to risk breaking down on a country road and landing the lead in a real life Wolf Creek 3).

If you’re anything like me, any time you have to pay for something for your car you’re actually thinking about all the other amazing things you COULD be spending your money on, holidays, clothing or maybe even this life-size Bigfoot statue.

Adding insult to injury, new research* suggests that Aussie drivers are paying more than $90 a year for roadside assistance but only requiring it on average once every three years. Well now a smartphone app called gotU is here to change the game and save you all those hard-earned dollars.

gotU shifts the power back to the consumer affording them the choice, ease and convenience they demand in today’s market

– Simon Wilson, gotU Head of Innovation.

Charging no joining fee and no annual fee, gotU is a revolutionary pay-as-you-go service offering customers a unique, modern solution. Users simply download the app to their smartphone, enter their details and what is wrong with their car. The app then uses your smartphones GPS to provide your exact location to the driver and users can track how far away their help is.

The service utilizes the same network of service providers as Allianz Global Assistance (who have operated in Australia for over 20 years) so you know your gas-guzzler is in safe hands.

For more information and pricing visit their website here. The app is available from the Apple Store and Google Play, download it now and start saving today!



*research conducted by Viper Capital (February 2016)