Every year electric shavers have become more advanced, and right now the Braun CoolTec is leading the way. A common annoyance when it comes to shaving is the redness and irritation that spreads across the face after you shave. With CoolTec this is soon to be a thing of the past. In between the two main razors there’s an aluminium bar that activates as a cooling down mode, which is implemented within the electric shaver.

Think of it as running an ice cube across the face with every stroke you take, and the cooling system can be activated with one button, this means the redness and irritation that usually occurs across the face will vanish dramatically. In fact after the first shave there will be less redness and irritation by 60%.

Another great element of the Braun CoolTec is that you don’t need to use cream or gel whilst shaving, it’s encouraged that you shouldn’t use any creams or gels when using the CoolTec as it may damage the shaver. The CoolTec can also be used wet or dry. The Braun CoolTec is light and has a solid hold. It may cost more than some of the other models on the market but it’s worth it.

Retail price $170-$300 Visit Braun

Written by Atal Hakikat

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