As one of Australia’s loved and prized athletes, Roger Federer edges closer and closer towards taking the number 1 title once again, he reveals a long time coveted secret to success: Jura Coffee

As many of us struggle to get out of bed to go to our desk jobs without a cup of Joe, anticipating the energy needed to be one of the worlds top athletes is anyone’s guess. Until now.

A longtime supporter of Jura and appreciator of coffee like many of us, Roger says: “I usually have three to four Jura coffees a day, one always when I wake up in the morning and on match days I always have one after lunch, about an hour before my match. I enjoy Cappuccino in the morning and an Espresso after a meal, sometimes Ristretto just to mix it up.” He also adds “I also started drinking Flat White which originates from Australia and can be prepared with JURA machines… So, JURA has not only brought automatic coffee machines to Australia, they also brought the Flat White from Australia to the rest of the world.”

Drinking Jura since as long ago as 2006, Federer has been an avid and loyal fan of this Swiss brand for over 12 years. Jura promotes consistent innovation and sustainability as well as ease of use. Many coffee machines these days have so many settings and buttons and attachments, you need a degree to operate them! Jura allows to you create a fresh, perfectly crafted coffee at the touch of a button. Their range includes devices ready for quick and easy at-home use, as well as professional models for office’s and cafes. With the good word about Juras spectacular coffees and machines spreading, they now operate in over 50 countries!

Roger attributes his coffee appreciation to his wife, stating “I wasn’t drinking coffee before I met Mirka, I was… only 18 years old at the time. She said ‘I need a coffee partner, I need somebody I can go for nice relaxing coffee times in the city’”. After purchasing a Jura coffee machine, theyre now able to enjoy professional fresh coffee in the comfort of their own home.

Roger that, Federer. We’re on board

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