PureGear iPhone case

There are countless iPhone cases on the market that cater for aesthetics and style. However, what about those that offer real, heavy duty protection for use in extreme conditions? Not so many.

The PX360 degree Extreme Protection System by PureGear is a unique case for iPhone 4/4s, designed specifically for people who “live on the edge.” The complete system includes the PX360 case, carabiner, utility tool, screen shield and water-resistant pouch.

Several features included in the PureGear PX360 set this case above its few close rivals. It has been engineered with tough, hard material that stands up to a standard drop test. The carabiner allows the user to attach the phone to their harness while climbing or abseiling. It also provides a way to strap or tie your iPhone to yourself while bushwalking or hiking.

Furthermore, the case is screwed onto the phone – further proving PureGear’s dedication to practicality over aesthetics. These screws provide complete peace of mind to the user, who can be rest assured their phone is secure and well protected in the PX360.

It also offers 360 degree protection with its added screen shield, which protects against everyday wear and tear. After all, there is nothing more annoying than having a scratched phone screen, especially when it is so easily prevented by the PureGrear PX360 case.

For further information on the PX360 degree Extreme Protection System, visit PureGear www.pure-gear.com/

Written by Atal Hakikat

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