Haan steam cleaners are the new way to clean your home. With no chemicals and unnatural cleaning products needed, Haan steam cleaners sanitise your floor with just water. The acclaimed Hann steam cleaner range is quickly winning over fans in Australia, winning a multitude of awards and positive reviews. The good-looking Haan steam cleaner is one of the most established brands of steam cleaners in the world. Popular all over the globe, Haan has carved a market for itself for the versatility of its products, eliminating the need for traditional cleaning products. 100% natural and safe, Haan steam cleaners are environmentally friendly.

Haan’s huge selection of steam cleaners means that there is a steam cleaner for everyone; cleaning has never been easier. Haan stocks numerous accessories to help get you on your way to a fresher home. Expect your Haan steam cleaner to come with a kit that includes extra floor pads and various attachments to help you tackle every surface. Stylish, accessible and easy to use Haan steam cleaners cuts down your cleaning time. The days of the traditional mop and bucket are over. Some models of the Haan steam cleaner have multiple uses inbuilt from vacuuming to clothes steaming. Keep your home pristine, spotless and chemical free.

Powerful enough to remove odours and kill germs without the use of harsh cleaning products, Haan steam cleaners are quick, compact and stylish. The Haan steam cleaners use less water but emit more steam so you won’t leave a slippery puddle all over your floor. Haan gives you professional results using only water to remove everything from mud to sticky stains, the toughest grime and group. Haan steam cleaners are powerful and lightweight. Twist and steer your Haan across the floor; the Haan steam cleaner glides easily along most surfaces from carpet to tiles, vinyl and laminate floors. Look for the versatile Haan SI-A70 Multi Steam Mop Cleaner, a popular choice that has several attachments that will let you target hard to reach places and achieve a professional grade cleaning result.

Haan steam cleaners are available in Australia through their online store.