Resibo is a Polish collection of all natural and cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare developed with ingredients hand-picked with care

Resibo’s cosmetics range is 100% vegan and have subsequently been awarded the official quality mark VEGE. This award is reserved for and awarded to organisations supplying high quality products in accordance with the cruelty-free lifestyle requirements of vegans.

Resibo’s Smoothing Face Serum is a petite bottle of concentrated, carefully selected all natural ingredients with scientifically researched skin rejuvenation benefits. The Serum noticeably tightens and brightens the users skin, restoring and revealing a fresh, youthful and smooth face. Effects have been known to be observed after the first 24 hours after initial application. Its light and nature-filled composition makes it an ideal choice for ALL skin types.

A handful of the active ingredients inside Resibo’s Smoothing Face Serum include Stoechiol, a special derivative product of lavender that serves to release muscle tension and prevent wrinkles within 24 hours by stimulating the skin to produce beta-endorphins, with similar effects as natural botulinum. Lakesis, another element of the serum, is an extract affectionately referred to as “crystal tears”, and is derived from Pistacia lentiscus which stimulates proteins in the skin, causing it to become more firm and full.

This serum is safe for use on acne prone skin and those who suffer from acne scars. The intrinsic component Marula oil acts as a strong anti-oxidant and has proven regenerative and healing effects on skin. Akin to the other elements, Marula also has anti-wrinkle properties as it protects the skins natural collagen stores from breaking down. The Vegetable Squalane contained in this miracle bottle prevents moisture loss in the skin, without sacrificing tightness and smoothness. Like any skincare product worth its salt, Resibo additionally incorporates vitamin C into this serum, which serves to brighten, prevent discolouration and inhibit sebum (skin oil/sweat) oxidation, thus preventing blemishes like whiteheads, red patches and other pimples.

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