Realifex is the latest app to be developed in an effort to help lower mental health issues in people. We all lead busy lives and therefore have little time for comunnamedprehensive thinking. This is why the app is such a success. Unlike social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that push us to self-edit, the Realifex app allows us to reflect on our lives.

A recent study found that journaling can improve physical and mental health, however not enough people take the time to stop and consider what is affecting their well-being. Luckily Alex Prate, founder of Realifex, noticed this amongst his family and friends and decided to do something about it. Realifex stands for ‘real life experience’ and allows users to record their own life experiences as they occur through their iPhone or Apple watch.

The app contains a number of features which helps a person improve the state of their mental health through daily introspection. The features include a “life path” which the user can see trends in their emotions over time and “life focus” which displays the aspects which affect the person the most and indicates whether it is in a positive or negative way.

So how exactly does this influence mental health?

Alex gives a simple explanation: “When users look back at the notes they have made and see that the hashtag #work is associated with a negative emotion, it may be that their job is causing them too much stress or unhappiness”. Simply put, the app makes users more aware of issues in order to make positive changes they need. Such introspection often leads to more positively, a better sense of self control and enables more life satisfaction.

If anything Alex says he wants people to stop letting life happen and instead direct their attention to creating their dream life. The app will undergo further development at the end of October to incorporate more features. 

Realifex is currently available in the app store with a free 10 day trial period. Realifex is available to purchase for $1.25 a month for 12 months. Visit Realifex to find out more.