Have you ever had the urge to cut one of your friends when they’re being annoying, no? Ok well do you enjoy arts and crafts? What about solving puzzles? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions (hopefully not the first) then Nintendo has the game for you!

Released alongside their latest console the Switch, Snipperclips is a puzzle platformer aimed at solo players and groups alike. As with most Nintendo releases it is a colourful fun filled game where players are presented with various puzzles they must solve in order to progress to the next level.

What makes this game truly unique is when you play with more than one person. The puzzles often require you to mutilate the other players’ avatar in order to create certain shapes, push buttons or even play basketball.

SFB Games -an indie developer based in London – developed the game in partnership with Nintendo. Snipperclips features 3 game modes:

WORLD (1-2 players, cooperative)

PARTY (2-4 players, cooperative)

BLITZ (2-4 players, competitive)

If our experience with other competitive Nintendo games is anything to go by it might be a good idea to actually remove any scissors from the room before playing.

Snipperclips is available right now on the Nintendo eShop for AU$30.00, time to get snapping!