Image courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe is ready for you. Mercedes-Benz is renowned for sleek innovation and style. They understand the functional requirements a driver expects from their car: performance, strength, and a comfortable drive, but they don’t prevent those features from becoming ordinary. There is always a way to amp up the driving experience. The GLE Coupe is a prime example. It combines the safety and service Mercedes-Benz customers have come to love, with the added bonus of driving dynamics and SUV-type movement.

Intelligent drive, a new system that has come to fruition by Mercedes-Benz’s own design team, incorporates peripheral vision and sensor fusions to detect changes in the environment and road safety. But don’t think these extra features will in any way wreak havoc on the environment.

The GLE Coupe has been consistently designed with its surroundings in mind, keeping fuel consumption to an absolute minimum.

That doesn’t mean sacrificing any luxuries. Ambient lighting in three different shades, climate control in the front and rear seats and a sliding sunroof are all afforded to you the moment purchase is made. Don’t stress, you’re in the best set of wheels.

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