Northern Finland has created a brand new overnight experience, where a flawlessly made glamping mini lodge is towed into a remote area in their iconic wilderness within the famed Arctic Circle, impeccably suited for laying back to encounter the world-renowned Northern lights from the solace of your very own bed.

The mobile room, which critically incorporates a rooftop you can view the Aurora from, is found six kilometres east of Kilpisjärvi, Finland. This is the Aurora wilderness camp

Those residing in the stunning wilderness surrounded cabins (which measure 2.5m wide, 4.5m long and 2m tall) will enjoy a big comfortable bed to take in the night sky, a table, toilet and a gas heater to guarantee a warm and comfy night.

What Can You Expect?

Visitors will additionally enjoy use of the lodge’s snowshoes and kicksleds allowing them to investigate the area in the daytime.

The cabins create a mixture of “adventure and comfort”, and if that’s not the perfect combination, then I don’t know what is. It permits the people who are looking to totally escape from the humdrum of ordinary life to be with nature in a safe and comfortable environment. You get to chase the Northern Lights from bed.

The experience begins at 6pm where an accomplished guide moves visitors via snowmobile to their cabin and showing them how to make a campfire fire to cook some local sausages. After the wilderness barbecue, visitors will have the camp to themselves to view the Northern Lights and appreciate the tranquility of the Arctic wild.

To fuel the visitors, snacks and hot beverages are provided, with a big warm breakfast additionally incorporated into the overnight experience.

As with any schedule from Off the Map Travel, each agenda can be carefully customised to suit the desires and necessities of each visitor. For instance, a 3-night, 4-day itinerary costs from £1599 per person for two adults sharing quarters. This includes private exchanges to and from the Airport in Tromso, accommodation for two evenings in a comfortable lodge and one in the new Aurora Wilderness Camp. All suppers are included with awesome chances to see the Aurora.

Aurora Wilderness Camp

The Aurora Wilderness Camp is surely a must do bucket list item for all adventurers, ambitious or lazy. For more information on this spectacular Arctic adventure, visit;