When your lovable daughter turns into a teenager, it’s hard to believe that she is just another typical teenage girl, facing the many ups and downs of a teenager living in the moment of now. You know that the day she becomes a teenager that almost instantly everything is about to change. No longer is she playing with Barbie dolls and asking you to place pretty, white flowers in her pigtails. Instead, she is in high school with a completely different group of friends, asking to go to sleepovers and parties, seeking independence and freedom from her parents. The sudden change makes you wonder what’s really going on, what she is becoming and who she will be years from now.

“What Teenage Girls Don’t Tell Their Parents” is a book for parents written by author, Michelle Mitchell. For the past ten years Michelle has been interacting with teenage girls, finding out everything there is to know about the teenage girls of today; what they feel, want, need and aspire to. Through conversations with many different teenage girls, Michelle shares her varied experiences and finds through this book, along with the most useful strategies and tips on how to parent a teenage girl.

In the most straight-forward and encouraging way, this book provides every parent with the most valuable advice available, based on the real-life stories told by teenage girls themselves and the lives that they actually live.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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