Toyota have begun a new era of innovative automotive engineering and design that is fast developing a stronger and more enticing style direction for its cars according to one of the organisations leading Global Design Executives, Kevin Hunter.

President of Toyotas North American design studio CALTY, Hunter said that Global President Akio Toyoda had birthed a concept for designing more cars that elicit an emotional response from customers.

Bringing his team to Australia to discuss the future of Toyota’s design processes, he mentioned that the company had previously leant on consumer and internal consensus statistics, allowing them to create cars that would be “safe” in the sales and marketing department.

CALTY Chief Designer William Chergosky and President Kevin Hunter

“But, with Mr Toyoda’s challenge to develop style that stirs people’s emotions and makes them want to drive our cars, Toyota’s design efforts are less reliant on consensus now.” He says, continuing:

“Toyota’s designers are car enthusiasts and absolutely passionate about designing desirable cars, so we are answering Mr Toyoda’s challenge with cars such as the latest Corolla, Camry, C-HR and Prius…As a result of this new global commitment, we expect to develop the most capable, most exciting generation of vehicles the company has ever produced.”.

TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) has adjusted Toyota’s approach to car design and concept development as well as manufacturing, allowing vehicles that can instill feelings of confidence and give customers a genuine fun-to-drive experience.

In terms of engineering and manufacturing, TNGA is focussing on developments such as a lower centre of gravity, rigid framework, new suspension, and high strength steel to deliver more balanced handling and an overall more engaging drive.

Additional to the dynamic improvements, TNGA will also be liberating the aesthetic design of the vehicle, adding some lower rooflines and bonnets, allowing models to be more distinctive and to have more appealing proportions.

Watch Toyotas space as they pave the way for the future of cars.