Joop Homme, launched in 1989 , one of the original fragrances from the Joop fragrance line has been named one of the top selling colognes for men on an international level. Being a classic, woody oriental fragrance, it is clear why Joop Homme is favoured by men all over the globe.

With deep notes of wood, sandalwood, mandarin, cinnamon, vetiver, cedar and vanilla, the fragrance holds a powerful scent made to last for a longer amount of time, compared to other male colognes. The scent is compelling, strong and luxurious, ideal for a night out or a special occasion that requires a male presence. The colour of the fragrance is a vibrant shade of red, made complete in a square shaped bottle, with a sleek, rounded black top: perfect for the man who isn’t afraid to turn heads.

Joop Homme is the ultimate fragrance for the outgoing man who enjoys a social life full of events and gatherings with vast groups of alike people,the man who wants to be noticed, who is slightly provocative, sensual, fearless, boldly confident and a success, all of who Joop Homme represents.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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