Belkin works “to enhance the technology that connects us to the people, activities and experiences we love”.

In the age of ever expanding technological growth, its easy to feel like sometimes you don’t have enough control over your devices, or that you just don’t have all the tech facilities at your disposal that you need. The folks over at Belkin work tirelessly to cater to these needs and here are just a few products they’ve engineered to make our lives just a little bit easier.

BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8

Tired of having wires cluttering up your workspace? Belkins wireless charging pad is the solution. simply set your phone down on the pad, no fiddling with cables or ports required! Working closely alongside Apple, Belkin have engineered this pad specifically for iPhones, with high-speed charging capacities, you’ll be up and running in no time at all. As the name suggests, its compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8, although will work with all Qi enabled devices up to 5W. No removal of cases required either, as the Wireless Charging Pad can charge through most protective cases.

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2,4 Amp USB Charging 4-outlet Surge Protection Strip

Too many devices and nowhere to power them all? Fear not, Belkins 2,4 Amp USB Charging 4-outlet Surge Protection Strip has got you covered. It comes with 4 available slots, all primed to protect your devices from dangerous power surges, lightning strikes and AC contamination, helping to ensure the data and applications on your computer, printer, router etc all stay safe from consequences of electric failure such as corruption or erasure. The absorbative materials and high quality circuitry make sure your devices remain untouchable against spikes and fluctuations in current, protecting against up to 525 joules.

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PowerHouse™ Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

If you thought the BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Pad was impressive, take a look at this innovation from Belkin. This device allows you to simultaneously charge your iPhone AND apple watch, without cables. It’s sleek and ergonomic design fits in perfectly with any home or work space, and was named CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree. It uses magnetic charging technology to charge them as fast as possible, while elevating them while they charge to keep them visible and safe.

Charging Cables

Do you sometimes find you just can’t find the cable you need when you need it? Has a co-worker or a family member “borrowed” your iPhone charger and not returned it too many times? Fear not, Belkins extensive range of USB cables allows you to get the cables you need for your devices.

For more information on or to grab one of these great products for yourself, visit Belkin.

BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Pad
2,4 Amp USB Charging 4-outlet Surge Protection Strip
Charger Cables
PowerHouse™ Charge Dock

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