The new iPad from Apple is here, and while many anticipate it simply for that "new iPad feeling" and the status that comes from owning the latest Apple product, this ones definitely got some new features worth some investigating.

The new iPad is a dream for creatives and the business-minded alike, with new features built for both work and leisure. Covering intuitive updates for existing applications like iWork, and some brand new apps integrated to accommodate Apples latest technological endevour: Let us welcome the Apple pencil.


The Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil increases the versatility of the iPad and allows for more precision of tasks such as writing, drawing, taking notes, or adding markups. Simple as it may seem, there is an extensive list of apps optimised for the awesome Apple Pencil including but not limited to:

Linea Sketch
GoodNotes 4
MyScript Nebo
Apple Pencil

A10 Fusion chip

Also supported by the new 9.7 inch iPad is a Powerful A10 Fusion chip, allowing for 40% faster CPU and 50% better graphics performance, while still delivering 10 hours of battery life.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is another highly anticipated key feature of the 9.7 inch iPad. AR, as its affectionately referred to, is a way to revolutionise the experience of how we learn, work, play and connect with technology. It brings virtual objects into the real world. The best part is that you can use it anywhere, anytime, whether you’re in a classroom or on the couch at home. From entertainment like games to educational apps like Froggipedia, AR quite literally transforms the iPad experience.
More apps compatible with AR include Boulevard AR, WWF Free Rivers, and GeoGebra AR.

These are just a select handful of new features available from the new 9.7 inch iPad, for a more comprehensive overview of new features, accompanying tutorials and applications visit Apple.

Apple iPad 9.7