There are becoming more and more offices that are beginning to offer their employees a better working environment. Most are as you would suspect, creative IT companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and Skype whilst others are involved in some sort of animation and graphics like Pixar and Cartoon Network. All of these are known for the way that they cater to their employees, doing the unimaginable extras that will make them each feel relaxed, at home and enjoying their time in the office. Offices like these also hold an image and reputation that creates a vision of what clients and visitors expect to see in the office when there.

Over in Madrid, Spain there is an out of the ordinary and very unexpected office sitting among the woods. It is the head office of an architectural company called Selgas Cano Architecture, designed by a well-known name Iwan Baan.

The space is a contemporary rectangular building neatly set out on top of fallen leaves and tall trees, the glass wrap around window allows natural lighting at all times and the modern interior contrasts with the surroundings. Shades of green, yellow and white keep it fresh and current whilst complementing the difference in the surroundings and a curved rectangular shape takes from the natural environment around.

Written by Atal Hakikat

For the love of all things beautiful & functional. Get inspired, try it out or share it.