What To Do With Your New iPad

If you have recently picked up n iPad (1 or 2) and have not yet set it up to suit your needs, then here’s a guide to help you get started up so that you can have some fun with the latest addition of technology-forward products of the Apple family.

1. Get Personal – Once you have your iPad in your very own hands and finish admiring the fact that it is all yours, start adding your personal touch. Experiment with the background image, arrange your apps and bookmarks and anything else that you have the urge to explore.

2. Sync to iTunes – With flexible ways to sync all of your media onto the iPad, there’s no need to sync your device to your iTunes to transfer it all over. You will always have some form of entertainment, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, your music, videos and photos will all be easily accessible with you iPad.

3. Surf the Web – More convenient than any laptop or computer, the iPad can be taken along anywhere and comfortably used anywhere so that you get internet access, wherever you may be.

4. Upgrade Your Apps – One of the favoured features of Apple products are the available apps. With the iPad there are upgrades on your favourite apps, free of charge for some if you have the previous versions of the apps.

5. Shop the App Store – Visit the app store and see what new and impressive ranges of games, utilities, quirky treats and social networking apps Apple have come up with.

6. Download a Movie or Show – Browse the app store for high definition films to watch or catch up on a hit TV show by purchasing or renting a single movie or series, perfect to have on a long travel journey or when you have some free time.

7. Read a Book – A range of iBooks are available to purchase via the app store and can easily be read on your iPad. Turn the pages with the simple tap or flick of a finger, adjust the font size and style to your personal preference and search unknown words you come across on the built-in iPad dictionary. You will definitely find something of interest in the iBook options with a variety of classic reads, best-sellers and free iBooks all available.

8. Upload Your Memories – With the iPad Photos app, scan and upload your favourite photos to view whenever you feel like reliving your most memorable moments on the large, clear and vibrant screen.

9. Try it for 10 Hours – Do as much video watching, Wi-Fi web surfing, photo viewing and music listening as you possibly can in 10 hours and see how time resilient your iPad is.

10. Accessorise Your New Piece – Like anything new, you want to look after your new iPad. Apple has some existing and upcoming products on hand to keep your iPad as safe as possible. The case is always a good option to keep your iPad safe from scratches and marks as well as a charging dock and a keyboard dock.

Written by Atal Hakikat

For the love of all things beautiful & functional. Get inspired, try it out or share it.