It’s here! The ultimate way to keep your fitness goals on-track – Sony’s next generation SmartBand 2.

The SmartBand 2 is a multi-sensor lifelogger, providing full-scale insights into your fitness, well-being and stress levels.

Utilising Sony’s popular Lifelog app the SmartBand 2 helps keep track of your health and fitness progress with fun and comparative insights, all while keeping you motivated with inspirational prompts throughout the day.

You’ll also rest easy knowing Smartband 2 is monitoring your sleep patterns and will wake you at the optimal time with a gentle vibration, based on your sleep cycle.

With its durable silicone casing, long battery life and waterproofed body it’s the perfect companion throughout the day and night – you’ll never miss a call, tweet, flight or yoga class again.

The SmartBand 2 is iOS and Android compatable and is available now from JB Hi-Fi for a RRP of $199.

Written by Atal Hakikat

For the love of all things beautiful & functional. Get inspired, try it out or share it.