“Noirot has been warming the hearts and homes of thousands of families for over 75 years.”

Founded in Laon France, Noirot’s sophisticated home heating range is economically sustainable, reliable and spectacularly comfortable. Noirot takes its place atop the very forefront of heating innovation and technology. The revolutionary Monobloc Heating Element operate silently while the anti-expanding front panel means no rattling or creaking while keeping you warm.

Each Noirot heater is perfectly fitted with a Precision Thermostat, allowing the desired temperature to be maintained within 0.1 degree Celsius, keeping your home warmer for longer and ultimately leading to reduced heating costs.

Evolution Range:

“Combining European style and state of the art technology, it ensures you’ll find the right heater for the right application every single time. The Evolution range is 100% quiet due to the patented, Monobloc element… It offers five comfort settings plus two pre-programmable day and night settings. Lockable, childproof settings are integrated into the electronic thermostat, giving you peace of mind as well as peace and quiet.”

Spot Plus

Safe. Silent. Economical. Allergy-free. Asthma-friendly.

Unique, efficient European design uses the natural flow, expansion and upward movement of warm air to circulate around the room, while in the meantime, the patented element with a now larger surface area heats larger volumes of air more effectively to ensure a low cost heating alternative.

Noirot is proudly made in France and comes with a LIFETIME warranty! To let them comfort you this winter, visit Noirot

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Radiant Ceiling Cassettes

Heating solutions for patios, alfresco living areas, gazebos, garages, sport halls, warehouses, workshops, factories, essentially any outdoor or large spaces. 

Featuring an energy saving heating system, instant directional radiant heat, long range heat projection, complete silence and safety, and easy installation.

Air Curtains

These are installed at the entry of any space (at a height of up to 3 metres), “It is ideal for creating a wall of hot air to minimise the loss of heat from within the premises in Winter. In Summer, it hinders hot air from outside entering.”

Additionally, these hot air curtains can also be utilised as space heaters! All their air curtains help in keeping out unwanted elements like dust, insects, exhaust gas and even gusts of air!