Blackvue DR650GW is one of the best dashcams currently available on the market. With the option of either a 1 channel or 2 channel version, the DR650 has improved upon its predecessor the DR600GW in a number of areas and is the only dashcam that has integrated GPS and WiFi capabilities. The DR650GW also sports full 1080P footage that plays at 30fps, a smartphone app that is compatible with iPhone and Android as well as an SD card of up to 128G (so long as they’re from Pittasoft).


Blackvue dashcams make it easy to add that extra bit of security to your car and secure peace of mind. Whether you’re on the road or parked and away from your car, the DR650GW will keep a watchful eye over your vehicle. The Blackvue DR650GW records time, date and speed stamp on video. With its clear crisp videos and number plate recognition, the Blackvue DR650GW is also light and inconspicuous looking. The matte black outer shell supports a side camera as well. The top of the range Korean made device is set to be just as popular as its best-selling forerunner. Blackvue’s enhanced reliability lies is in its constant updating of the camera firmware in order to quickly resolve issues discovered. The Blackvue DR650G is easy to install but can be professionally fitted for best results.
Blackvue manufacturer Pittasoft based in Seoul, South Korea has upped the ante for creating the best dashcam in the industry. As one of the first to launch full HD 1 and 2 channel cameras, Pittasoft has earned its place in the auto accessories industry. The company continues to leverage on its innovative technology to manufacture cameras that embrace connectivity and cloud technology. Pittasoft’s next generation of devices will be based on the company finding new ways to connect people to their vehicle and enhance safety features.


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Written by Atal Hakikat

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