Natural Solar has got on board with Tesla Powerwall to harness more of the suns natural energy. It seems battery power is on the rise.

The country is abuzz with over 1.5 million Australian households already on the solar energy bandwagon. Australia’s first residential Tesla Powerwall was installed in Sydney’s Northern District earlier this year. It works by tapping into using the suns energy to power your electricity. Obviously, the amount of electricity that you generate depends on the size of your system, which way it is facing, local climatic conditions and the interference of other buildings or surrounding bushland.

The usage of natural solar will hopefully allow users to reduce their residential carbon emissions and cut down on those pesky power bills. Functionality wise, the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery device stores solar energy during sunlight hours. Once night hits, users can power their dishwasher, washing machine or household devices with the solar energy stored up during the day. With normal electricity usage there can be a tendency to sell excess energy back to the grid.

A SolarEdge inverter and monitoring software allows users to see the direct output of energy from the entire system and the Tesla Powerwall. Australians will have the chance to have their very own Tesla Powerwall installed with or without solar panels. Alternatively, for those with panels already installed, there is the opportunity for a retro-fit to occur allowing a Tesla Powerwall to be added along with a compatible inverter to an existing solar system.

Natural Solar and Tesla Energy’s partnership is set to drive the growth of battery power in Australia. The Powerwall carries an impressive 10-year warranty period.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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