Winter has arrived and instead of rugging up on the couch, warm up with Wii Fit Plus in the comfort of your own living room.

Wii Fit Plus combines fun, convenience and fitness – it truly changes the way you think about exercise.

The new and improved Wii fit Plus has all the features of the original Wii Fit, but with so much more!

New accessories, like the Wii Fit Balance Board, gives you the ultimate Wii experience: snow board down a mountain or walk a tight rope – all without leaving your home.  The board can read your real life movements and bring them to life on the screen, just like the remote controller.

The device also allows you to discover your body and fitness levels like never before. The Body Test quickly and easily measures your balance, body mass index (BMI), body control and Wii Fit Age and allows you to track your progress – a wonderful motivation tool!

Training with Wii Fit Plus is simple and effective and there are varied training modes for all activity types and fitness levels. You can even get motivated by choosing your very own virtual trainer!

So if you’re looking to keep your health and fitness goals on track throughout Winter, the Wii Fit Plus is your answer.

For more details, visit Wii Fit online.