Wacom has announced it has achievement in winning not just one, but SIX Red Dot Product Design Awards for 2018! Additionally, this included all of its central product categories, representative of creative professionals, customers and the business minded.

The Award Winning products this year include:

  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 24/32 with Cintiq Pro Engine
  • Wacom Intuos
  • Bamboo Tip
  • Bamboo Ink
  • Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111)
  • DTH-2452 Pen Display

Nobutaka Ide, President and CEO  had this to say:

“We are honoured to win a total of six awards covering all categories of our branded products…It is a more than welcome confirmation that we obviously succeed in offering leading-edge technology with convincing and user-friendly design.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Wacom’s mission and their products, they essentially serve to assist Creative professionals in reaching innovative and intuitive solutions to support their ambition. Creatives everywhere are using Wacom’s creative pen computers, tablets or displays to bring fruition to exciting projects, products, presentations and art.

A Rundown of the Winners

Wacom Cintiq Pro 24/32-inch creative pen display is an interactive product intended for high performance tasks in all walks of creative professions. Paired With the integrated Wacom Cintiq Pro Engine, it is additionally Wacom’s first all-in-one workstation! The stunning 4k edge-to-edge display in its sleek casing and small footprint, gives artists the space they require for unlimited creative endeavours. while providing a clutter-free work environment.

Wacom Intuos is a pen tablet that serves as a jump-off point into the world of digital/computerised arts and workflows. It pairs Wacom’s highly rated EMR pen technology with an array of creative software allowing for a smooth transition and immediate start into digital art.

Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111) is a smartpad designed for pairing a pen-on-paper process and experience into a digital workflow. The Clipboard transforms  “customisable paper forms into digital files that feed into a business file and data management software.”

DTH-2452 Pen Display has a 24-inch full high definition screen, a pen with 2,048 pressure levels (yep, that many), Multi-touch and ExpressKeys for natural and intuitive navigation, and faster digital workflows. Wacom’s DTH-2452 can be used in an additional number of ways, including but not limited to presenting and lecturing at classes, handling and editing e-docs and medical records, as well as applications in GIS data or air traffic control.

The Bamboo Ink smart stylus is designed to access and incorporate the full scale and potential of Microsoft’s Windows Ink features. It combines different pen protocols and works across many Windows 10 pen-enabled tablet computers.

To investigate these spectacular products for yourself, visit Wacom