As a kid, the perfect Australian Christmas morning or birthday is waking up to a brand new trampoline or activity set in the backyard. Vuly makes it possible for you to have one without the need to wait for Christmas or birthdays.

Most kids don’t pay attention to how the trampoline got in their backyard, but as a parent, we have to do our research before getting a trampoline.

First, it is all about the research. Who will provide a quality product that gives you good value for money and most importantly will come in time so there is enough time to build it if we are buying for the special occasion.

Well, research no more; it is an easy decision with Vuly! An Australia brand creating Australian products that we can love and trust.

Vuly’s main focus with their products is the safety of each person that uses them – especially children. The trampolines are UV tested to reflect real Australian weather. Superfine mesh around the trampoline prevents little fingers and toes from getting caught and the secure door seals shut while it is being bounced on. Also, with no frame access, the safety net directly attaches to the mat so everyone can bounce right to the edge.

All Vuly products are great for backyard fun; they keep the kids away from screens and active outdoors. Playing outside amongst the trees and on the grass can have amazing health benefits for not just children but for everyone.

Installing any Vuly trampoline or activity set can have incredible impacts on stress levels and general physical and mental health.

These include:

· Engaging in outdoor play can assist in reduced obesity levels, a healthy heart and all the benefits associated with living an active lifestyle

· Improved vision by promoting rest for children’s eyes from screens as well as exposure to natural light

· Confidence growth from engaging in inventive and imaginary games in the outdoors as well as boosting creativity and the ability to make fun

· Assisting with communication and compromise by giving children the ability to play in instructed scenarios with other children

So we know outdoor play has guaranteed great health benefits, but why should you choose Vuly? Well, not only is Vuly a great choice because they are an Australian brand with great safety features, but they have ticked a lot of boxes for Australian families.

“We have been very impressed with everything at Vuly. While you need to assemble the trampoline yourself, the instructional videos make this very easy. Purchasing and pick up was a breeze and everyone was extremely helpful at the store. We are very satisfied with the quality of the trampoline and are looking forward to many years of fun for our kids!”

“I bought a Vuly 360 pro Swingset online and the process couldn’t have been easier. The swing set delivery was delayed and Vuly communicated with me promptly and honestly. During the delay time, I moved house so I rang Vuly to see if I could change delivery address – the Vuly staff member great! Friendly service and she changed the delivery address right then and there. The swing set was delivered without a hitch – a great transaction!”


Vuly as a business has a mission to ‘contribute to the world by making healthy play both safe and fun – encouraging a better lifestyle of humanity’. The values of Vuly allows them to achieve this mission by showing up to win, being discipline, treating customers the same way they would treat their friends and family, pushing limits with innovation and design with all products, aiming for high standards, keeping up with trends, investing in ideas, working as a team and demonstrating trust and integrity.

To learn more about Vuly products, please go to Vuly.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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