Urban living. As cities and towns grow more densely populated, we're scrambling for space and most of us are looking to optimise what we've got, be it inside or outside. Many innovators have recognised our plight and have brought us new and fantastic ways to save space, money and time. These are a few of our top picks for products to make your urban living experience easier.

The Pope 12mm Indoor Tap Adaptor

Many of us don’t have the luxury of the spacious and utilitarian backyards seen on Better Homes and Gardens, and this is where this fantastic adaptor comes in. Pope’s indoor tap adaptor is perfect for townhouses, apartments and other spaces where an outdoor tap may not be available. Watering plants on balconies or in courtyards has never been easier.

The indoor tap features the ability to connect a 12 mm garden hose to an indoor tap. it fits both male and female threaded taps, is suitable for taps with M22 x 1 female and M24 x 1 male thread, has a beautiful chrome finish to leave connected to a tap all topped off with a 1-year guarantee

If you’re making the most out of a small space, the Pope 12mm Indoor Tap Adaptor is going to be a lifesaver for you.

The Transforma Ladder

Whether you’re a tradie, a DIY fanatic or just really need to get around to cleaning out the gutters, the Transforma Ladder has got you covered. Whatever the job, one of  Transforma’s 35 different ladders in one will work for you.

It’s the strongest, sturdiest, most versatile ladder on the market, boasting additional safety features like slip resistance.

It’s portable, its compact, its easy to use, and with features like these its impossible to give Transforma laddder a miss. The ladder is usable on stairs and slopes, has super-strong, sturdy construction, features inner & outer side rails and manufactured from high-grade aluminium, includes inner & outer units made from slip-resistant aluminium and comprises of a storage area of just 1.4m!

It’s certainly not your average, straight up and down ladder. Transforma Ladder is easily set up into a variety of positions including but not limited to the A-frame position, extension position, step level position, and scaffolding trestle position.

Whatever your ascending, reach or support needs,  Transforma Ladder has got you covered.

The Furnace BBQ by Everdure

Having a cookout is virtually impossible when living in urban areas. There’s too little space or not enough ventilation for the standard, chunky, heavy BBQs on the market. Taking only 5 minutes to warm up, the Furnace BBQ will have you cooking in no time at all.

The Furnace BBQ puts the power in your hands with contemporary taps for variable flame control and a high hood for convection cooking. Interchangeable plates with integrated flame-tamers make cooking easy for even amateurs. It’s easy to clean and is made from a rust-resistant aluminium body that comes in a range of colours to suit your home.

With Everdure’s Furnace BBQ, you’ll be able to entertain or just have a small-scale cookout with large-scale results on your apartment balcony or townhouse courtyard. 

The furnace BBQ also features 3 independently controlled high-performance burners, instant searing, vitreous enamel coated cast iron plates – easy for cleaning, tapered legs for stability which can be removed for portability and a 2915 cm squared cooking surface.

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Urban living can be tough, but with products like these at your disposal, it’ll make life just that little bit easier. For more information on these great products or to get one for yourself visit: