The Toyota Prius has long been the flagship for fuel economy and low emission driving. Its hybrid engine seamlessly combines petrol and electric power to deliver a smooth and pleasurable driving experience. The 2018 Prius comes in standard and the more luxurious i-Tech model which are both, not only a pleasure to drive, but also perfect for the environmentally conscious driver.

Everything in the Prius is designed for sleek, efficient function. One glance at its bold, unmistakable shape, born of advanced wind tunnel testing, and you know this car is packed with style and futuristic features.

One such feature is its high-level fuel efficiency. The Toyota Prius helps minimise the output of CO2 and other harmful emissions through its design and hybrid technology. It’s rated at 3.4L/100km for combined fuel economy and 80g/km for combined CO2. With standard urban use, the Prius should only need to be filled up once a month which means less fossil fuels and more money in your pocket.

Toyota Prius iTech

It’s perfect for city driving and getting out into more rural areas. With a massive boot of 457 litre capacity for the standard model and 507 litre capacity in the i-Tech, the Prius is ready to take you out for that well deserved holiday to the coast.

There are three driving modes to customise your ride for every environment. Power Mode give you a boost for the highway, Eco Mode uses just battery power to reduce noise pollution on quiet streets, and for everyday driving, switch to Normal Mode for efficiency across all conditions.

Small touches of luxury make any drive, be it to work or out with friends, an enjoyable one. The Prius i-Tech has 17” alloy wheels, larger than the standard model 15”, give a smooth ride, and its 8-way adjustable, leather accented seats are never uncomfortable in winter with inbuilt seat warmers.

The Prius is packed with tech to keep you safe and improve your driving experience. With smart entry and start, you can simply hop in and head off whenever you’re ready. The Prius unlocks and gets going with the keys still in your pocket or bag. There is wireless charging for compatible devices and the heads up display projects your speed and engine information onto the windscreen.

The Prius also comes with blind spot sensors in the side mirrors and rear parking camera so you always know what is around you. To top it off, highway driving has never been safer with lane departure alerts, active cruise control, automatic high beams, and the pre-collision safety system.

Toyota Prius iTech Blue

As someone who lives on the rural-urban fringe, this mix of power, fuel economy, and comfort is ideal. With stacks of technology and features in both the standard and i-Tech models, I can be confident my driving will be safe and easy on my budget. And with the added bonus of Toyota’s Guaranteed Future Value and 3 year New Car warranty (8 years for the Hybrid battery), I can be comfortable knowing my Prius will last.

Visit Toyota to find out more about the Prius.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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