Toyota has ditched the cardigan and flaunted a little more than they’re used to. Known to build reliable, safe and affordable cars, the C-HR Koba is all that, but more. Lets say this car has a new attitude and a new look compared to past models.

While Toyota has become the top selling car manufacturer in the world, the company has experimented with new cutting edge designs with the C-HR Koba.

We were lucky enough to test drive it for a week and even took it on a road trip (that to me is the ultimate test for any type of car for those adventure lovers).

Our first impression of the car was pleasantly surprising! Everyone loved the new edgy style Toyota is clearly aiming for. Wild angles and zero conservatism best describes the C-HR Koba. The interior is also impressive maintaining a modern design with leather seating. This is an overall nice and compact SUV with a modern edge in the design!

So it has our tick of approval in terms of appearance but when you go on a road trip you need to be comfortable and enough space to fit everything. The C-HR Koba had space for all five people, their belongings PLUS surfboards.

It’s the perfect car for a get away with friends because you can fit so much and comfortably drive for hours without feeling squashed. There’s quite a lot of storage and compartments so the car feels very compact, and spacious.

In terms of features, the C-HR Koba offers some of the latest car-technology like a screen integrated in the dash, lane assist, reverse camera, Bluetooth, keyless ignition, plus a lot more. I thought these things were all very cool and made the car feel more premium.

The car drove exceptionally well! Better than what we all had imagined. It has a sense of luxury about it and definitely didn’t feel like we were in a Toyota, it was smooth and powerful on the road, and we most importantly felt safe.

Now for the Specifications, this is just straight out of the Toyota information but lets outline it all here also.

Engine Capacity:


Number of cylinders:


Fuel type:

Premium Unleaded Petrol

Fuel tank capacity:


Fuel consumption:

6.5L/100km (combined)

Maximum torque:


Maximum power:


Now, the question everyone wants to know, how much will this car break the bank? It will set you back roughly around $35k, but in my opinion, its totally worth the money, and its unlike any other car Toyota have made before.

Did I like the Toyota C-HR Koba? Yes! Did my friends like it? Yes! Would I buy it? Yes.

Visit Toyota online for more information on the new C-HR