Here’s how you can get cheap meals that are delicious and value for money!

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Many of us cant afford to spend a fortune on a night out but we all want to indulge in some fun with our friends, so Greg Taylor from app CLIPP shares his top tips on how to have a cheap night out that is AWESOME!

Food specials. Most pubs offer food specials on different days of the week, which can have you saving up to half price for your meal. You can enjoy your old pub favourites at a fraction of the cost when you order the daily special. If you love a steak, like most of us, diarise the steak nights in your area so you never pay full price again.

Take advantage of ‘happy hour’. Another great way to save on a night out is to take advantage of happy hour. Many establishments offer great deals in the late afternoon, or even lunch time specials. Visiting a pub during happy hour will mean that you can avoid racking up an expensive bill at the end of the night. Dining outside of peak eating times also has another advantage – you’re not waiting up to 45-minutes for your meal. That’s something everyone can get behind.

Go local to avoid getting hit by skyrocketing transport costs. Saving on food and drink can be completely undone if you get a cab home at the end of the night. If you’re faced with a huge cab bill or get caught by a ridesharing surge, why not share the cost with friends and split the fare? Public transport is even cheaper – it might not be as convenient as a door-to-door service, but it’s a fraction of the price and sure beats getting behind the wheel. Walking is of course the cheapest option and a great way to increase your step count, so – with that in mind – go local. Apps like Clipp can use your current location to find nearby venues and getting to know your ‘local’ is a great way to shave off the extra costs associated with going out.

Don’t do rounds. Drink rounds seem like the easiest and cheapest option but they hardly ever work out fairly. Rounds can be expensive if you are in a large group or are having to pay for your friends’ top-shelf drink choices as usually you end up forking out more than you would if you bought your own drinks. Plus, we’ve all had that one friend who leaves by the time it gets to their round.

Opt for beer and wine over cocktails. Aussies love their alcohol but a cocktail at dinner can sometimes cost you more than your meal. Drinking beer and wine is the most affordable option at the pub and you can always save a penny by ordering the house special. If you love a cocktail, you could always start with one and then choose the house wine after that. But, watch out for craft beer as it may not be the best option if you are after a cheap bill at the end of the night. Start off with a craft beer and then move on to a regular, more affordable beer to balance out the cost.

Share dishes. Sharing dishes with friends is a social way to have a meal and a good option for saving money, it also means you get to taste more of the menu. Mains can add up and the portions are usually large enough to share. You can also split the bill at the end of the night, both physically, or go cashless and split the bill electronically.

Scout deals apps and websites. Clipp is a great way to help shave off some of the costs associated with going out, with savings of almost 50 per cent off food and drinks. You can score last-minute deals that leave you to have a good time for a long time – without blowing your budget – not to mention it saves you from awkwardly showing flashing a coupon to your wait staff.