Ready to cut hundreds of dollars off your electricity bills? The highly anticipated Tesla Powerwall battery will save you thousands every year and is now available in Australia!

One lucky family had Natural Solar install the Tesla Powerwall and solar system in their home and the figures speak for themselves.

The cost of their power bill plummeting from $660, to a mere $40.46, saving a whopping $619 in energy charges.

This device stores solar energy during sunlight hours, allowing homeowners to use it at night, avoiding the need to sell excess energy back to the grid.

Solar energy is not only sustainable but also renewable which means we will never run out of it.

Amongst thousands of Australians who have already made the switch to battery power, it’s predicted more Aussies will continue to shift to battery storage solutions.

There are endless reasons why you should make the switch – whether it’s functionality, affordability, or environmental impacts.

You can even add asset value to your property with the Tesla Powerwall.

For more information about the Tesla Powerwall visit Natural Solar Renewable Energy Saving and start saving now.