I’m not here to have a rant about how technology has turned society into instantaneous, lazy, robots, but technology has turned society into instantaneous, lazy robots.

What ever happened to those days where we would have to physically remember a persons phone number, or even meet up with a person for a face-to-face conversation.

Instead we have group chats on messenger rather than arranging a coffee with friends, or we like a photo to show interest in someone rather than actually telling the person.

It’s like those moments where complete professionalism is almost none-existent and your boss texts you saying to never come back in, pure utter disappointment.

I bet Katy Perry felt a good kick in the teeth when her then-husband, Russell Brand, sent her a text ending their marriage.

I’m guessing Brand is a busy man, but a spare five minutes would have been enough to end a long-term relationship.

I recently stumbled across an article that simply made me realise our parents and grandparents were the last generation to have to lift more than just a finger to get information.

From now on, we will most likely NEVER do things we used to do before thanks to mobile phone technology.

Let me elaborate to see if you find any of the following familiar.

You’re not sure when the last time you looked at an atlas, or may never even seen one… It’s been a while since you licked a stamp, you wouldn’t even remember how horrible the taste was.

With that being said, technology has certainly weakened some of us and caused a lot of laziness. But there are quite a lot of perks with this as well.

Besides the fact we can find out virtually any information with a simple Google search, I’m amused by things that we wont ever need to do again since technology has progressed.

Here is a list of things we will more than likely never need to do again!

  1. Memorise a phone number

Long gone are the days where we will ever be able to memorise another phone number without having to reach out to our smartphones.


  1. Use a phone book to find a company

The Internet is a glorious place because it has absolutely everything. Its kind of frightening all at the same time it is convenient. I personally don’t remember the last time I used a phone book physically.


  1. Call the cinema to find out movie times

I remember a long time ago my mum would call the cinema to see what’s on and what time. It seems like a lot of effort and I guess now we have more options in what we wants to view, read reviews, ratings, see times and more!


  1. Make mix tapes

There was something personal about a mix tape. Maybe it comes down to the fact we would spend hours finding the right songs, then lining two cassette tapes up to copy a song. It was a little more meaningful than a quick Spotify playlist.


  1. Go to the Newsagency for Newspaper

Circulation of newspapers was something we studied back in University in Journalism school, and the reason why is all thanks to the Internet. It was predicted there would be no physical need for printing newspapers in the next 2 decades because of digital convergence.


  1. Make Photo albums

Going through my grandparent’s old photo albums is one of my favourite things to do. Physically holding the album while flicking through page after page can truly tell a story. You know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Does that mean an album can narrate an entire story?

Some may argue technology is to blame for ruining the quality of human interaction, its made us insecure, lazy, and reliant.

The bottom line is, we have changed the way we do things, its easier, faster, and all very, very convenient.

Do you think it’s a positive or negative thing? Or do you agree with me and think its both.