Drinking herbal tea daily has many health benefits, but what about soaking ourselves in a bath tea?

Truth be told, it sounds unusual but this has proven to be an incredible method for skin enhancing and absorbing those much-needed nutrients!

Merging traditional Spanish alchemy with modern skincare techniques, Sonia Orts Botanical Alchemy delivers a range of slow made private blend bath teas.

New way to bath – Tea Bath by Sonia Orts Botanical Alchemy

Bath teas have shown to treat and comfort the mind body and soul.

So besides looking beautiful, immerse yourself in a fusion of medical hers, petals and roots allows the body to absorb essential antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and restore your state of mind.

This is the perfect way for our bodies to absorb the antioxidants and minerals that come from flowers, herbs or roots.

It will calm you down after a long tiresome day and give you an affective alternative to skin irritation treatments.

Guaranteed the best cuppa you’ve had!

The formula contains 100% natural botanical ingredients and extracts. The private blend range includes:CALMING


New way to bath – Tea Bath by Sonia Orts Botanical Alchemy

Each designed to offer unique relaxation, skin comforting and body cleansing benefits.

It speaks for itself really, whatever you feel your body needs, you can chose between the three blends.

You wont find any hidden nasties, toxins or chemicals in these bath teas, and yes, you can even enjoy them as a hot beverage!

It’s also housed in environmentally friendly recyclable packaging!

Purchase your own packed of CALMING, SOOTHING, or DETOX tea bath blends for $28 per 95g!

To purchase, visit Sonia Orts online here.

New way to bath – Tea Bath by Sonia Orts Botanical Alchemy