Its absolutely sweltering this week in Sydney with temperatures reaching almost 40 degrees Celsius, and this heatwave isn’t going for a while!

Most of us look forward to summer throughout the year, it’s the silly season and Aussies love hitting the beach on a pearler of a day.

A heatwave is quite another thing, and with temperatures soaring sometimes the beach isn’t the best place to spend a scorching hot day.

Think heatstroke and dehydration! I feel for a lot of tradesmen who work in these hot temperatures, hence why we think its best to stay out of it.

Luckily, for Sydney-Siders, it’s not too hard to find another activity that will keep you out of this dangerously hot heatwave.

Air-conditioned Public Places are the cheapest and easiest way to escape the heat.

Visit your local shopping centre or make a day of it and use it as an excuse for some retail therapy!


Westfield Sydney has over 250 stores – that should do the trick, even for a few hours.

Don’t feel like doing a lot? Visit a library. If you haven’t done it since school or University, why not give it a go on a 40 degree day.

NSW Library

Read a book to relax and stimulate your mind. Of course there are plenty of other things you can do in a library, like connect to Wi-Fi on your phone or laptop, watch a movie, or listen to some music.

Galleries and museums are another awesome hotspot to hit if you’re in Sydney.

Discover some amazing artists and their art works and learn more about history and culture while keeping nice and cool.Art Gallery of NSW


Our recommendations are Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of NSW, Powerhouse Museum, Australian Museum, and White Rabbit Gallery.

Not cool enough for you? How about a blockbuster at the movies? There are cinemas in almost every area of Sydney.

In the city there are more than enough options to choose from including Events on George Street.Events Cinema on George St

If you’re after something a little more ‘off-beat’, try Dendy in Newtown or Opera Quays, the Palace Verona in Paddington or Golden Age in Surry Hills.

The beach may be too hot to go to, but pools have more shade and offer a refreshing dip without walking on hot sand.

There are five main swimming pool centres in Sydney city alone, and many more in surrounding suburbs.

Sydney Harbour Swimming Pool

Andrew Charlton Pool, Cook + Phillip Park Aquatic Centre, Ian Thorpe Centre are just a few that we love.

Now most importantly, in any kind of heatwave its important to remember if your outside, slip, slop, slap and keep hydrated so you can enjoy summer how it should be!