No Pong is an incredibly fast growing natural deodorant business, and it's easy to see why. With positive reviews across the board and global success behind them, many are asking how did they find such success with such a simple product? We interviewed No Pong on just this.

How long does No Pong last and how does it work?

Made from the finest food grade, natural and organic ingredients, NO PONG deodorant paste provides 12-hour protection against unappealing odours by creating a water-resistant environment smelly armpit bacteria can’t survive in. Merging science and nature, NO PONG doesn’t block pores or use synthetic anti-microbial chemicals, aluminium, parabens or plastics.

How did No Pong start?

Australia’s most affordable and effective natural deodorant start-up, was founded by husband and wife duo, Chris Caley and Melanie McVean, in May 2015

Where is it now? How has the company grown?

We’ve grown, on average, 76% per quarter since launch; resulting in a business valued at over $2M. Over 150,000 units of deodorant sold globally and to over 200 online/offline retailers.


How did you achieve this?

The success can be accredited to the 24-hour hackathon business plan; whereby a fully functional and publicly launchable business was developed in just a single day. Aware that 60% of start-ups over capitalise during infancy and cease operation in the first three years of business, the hackathon model allowed Chris and Melanie to develop NO PONG with minimal expenditure; identifying and establishing clear strategies regarding the brand’s visual identity, packaging, product manufacturing, marketing, customer profiling & retention, distribution and administration.

How do we learn more about Hackathon?

Inspiring other ‘everyday Australians’ to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, the team behind NO PONG are sharing their hackathon insights and learnings so others can build profitable empires in their respective fields and minimise potential losses.

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