When a storm strikes, worrying about your precious electronics and home safety will be a thing of the past, once you get your hands on Belkin’s PureAV Home Theatre Surge Protector.

Belkin’s decades of research and superior power protection development have led to the release of a must-have series of home safety gadgets, and this power board is an absolute essential.

The PureAV Home Theatre Surge Protector offers clean, clear and safe power while ensuring power spikes, surges and interference is a thing of the past.

Better yet, when you purchase this power board, it automatically comes with a $75,000 warranty! Do you need any more convincing this handy gadget will offer superior surge protection?!

Pick one up at your nearest electronics store, RRP $59.95 – an investment that’s worth every cent.

To find out more, visit Belkin online.

Belkin has a large range of internal surge protection

Written by Atal Hakikat

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