Consider yourself a serious music lover? Well perhaps if you haven’t already, its time for you to get the Sonos Playbar! Whether you love music or want to upgrade your living room, the Playbar wont let you down.

To get this device up and running, all you need to do is simply connect to your Internet at home.

Now for the fun part! The sound quality of the Sonos Playbar is unbelievable. It puts on a stellar performance for something so compact and small.

No matter if your watching a movie, or television series, or blasting your favourite tunes, this device is capable of filling up the entire room with clear, crisp, sound.

It really handles sound and music, throw in the Sonos sub and you can go just as hard as you would in your car. Hear any genre of music with completely remarkable clarity.

The Sonos Playbar complements HD television with richly textured HiFi sound, while the Subwoofer fills the room with deep clear HiFi sound.

You can wirelessly connect both this device and stream all the music to your hearts content.

The Playbar requires just two cords to get started – totally hassle-free. The soul-shaking subwoofer is a one button setup to get everything going!

The 9-speaker Sonos PLAYBAR features three tweeters and six midrange speakers for a fantastic cinematic experience and all from one extremely sexy component.

Now you don’t have to fill up your room with several speakers when it comes all in one Playbar.