SKYN Condoms, better known for their innovative brand of premium condoms, have jumped on board the apparel bandwagon…

SKYN have teamed up with fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen, who specialises in wearable technology, to create the revolutionarily new range.

SKYNFEEL Apparel is a one-of-a-kind conceptual long jump suit for elite athletes that’s made of SKYNFEEL, the same condom material that lets you feel ‘everything’.

With cutting edge design, drawing inspiration from biomimicry, SKYNFEEL Apparel sets out to minimise body limitation and give extra airtime to the long jump athlete.

Pauline’s vision is based on the belief that technology can add new value and meaning to fashion and can enhance the way we experience the world around us, and this has truly come to life in this amazing new design.

“What struck me about the SKYNFEEL material is that it’s super-elastic, super-lightweight and super-strong all at once,” says Van Dongen.

“No matter how you mould it or shape it, it’s going to feel great on your body. We asked ourselves, Can we create an ultra-lightweight garment and mould it in a way that could help long jumpers perform better?”.

The result? It’s like wearing “nothing at all” – its incredibly light-weight and follows the body perfectly and could just help long jumpers stay in the air that little bit longer.

Find our more at SKYNFEEL online.

Written by Atal Hakikat

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