Are you like many who are attracted to the IDEA of camping? The great outdoors, fresh air, escape from the humdrum suburban environment and a local experience of worldly intouch-ness? Yet turned away by having to use the bush as a loo, rain seeping through your tent and the struggle of maintaining a fire? And God forbid someone forgets the Aeroguard or toilet paper…We might have the solution for you: Sierra Escape.

Sierra Escape is an incredibly popular “glamping” experience centred in the heart of Mudgee. Due to the high demand, they’ve added two new luxury tents to the experience.

The Dulili tent (Aboriginal for ‘together’) and the Uralla tent (Aboriginal for ‘home on the hill’)

The former provides a great opportunity to gather a decent sized group of friends (up to 7) and enjoy two queen beds, one single trundle and a second bedroom with a double bed. In its own secluded space with breathtaking views, it also sports a designer kitchen, wood fireplace, large screened windows, glass sliding doors, large indoor and outdoor dining tables, firepit area and a large bathroom complete with shower and flushing toilet (a personal favourite feature).

The Uralla Tent steps up the luxury, situated as the name suggests, this get away sits on top of a beautiful hill surrounded by stunning views. This tent includes yet another designer kitchen, huge king bed, fireplace, shower, indoor and outdoor freestanding bathtubs and a firepit. Awaiting guests on arrival is a complimentary bottle of local bubbles, chocolate and breakfast pack, perfect for couples getting away.

sierra escape

If you’re itching to become a king of your very own hill, seeking a luxurious and unforgettable experience in and amongst nature, you’re able to book either of these incredible locations as of June 1st. The large Dulili tent begins at $550 per night, and the Uralla from $450

Sierra Escape is located at 1345 Lower Piambong Road, Piambong. For more information or to book visit Sierra Escape

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sierra escape