An all-natural Australian Company, Blister Balm, have created the ultimate spot-relief balm to combat shoe chaffing.

It might be silly but most of us would rather choose fashion over fit, when it comes to footwear especially.

With an abundance of options for work, play, even gym, trying to find the ultimate fit of shoe can be more difficult than it sounds.

Shoe discomfort often comes from factors like footwear materials and shape of the shoe.

Blister Balm can put an end to these uncomfortable shoe mishaps with is unique waxy formulation, when applied to high friction areas of the feet.

That covers your toes, heels, instep and outstep in order to ease discomfort, protect from infection and repair skin.

Blister balm provides intense relief for a range of footwear styles, including lace-ups, heels, boots, and runners.

Its best used as a preventative measure as soon as or prior to skin sensitivity occurring.

The formulation of bees wax, mango butter and isopropyl myristate serves as a protective emollient, nourishing and hydrating skin while acting as a comfortable intermediary barrier between the shoe and affected area.

Blister Balm comes packaged in a convenient travel-friendly stick for easy to use purposes.

Visit Blister Balm online for further information and how you can purchase your own miracle stick.