Hop into business-class with Seatfrog, a Sydney-based start up helping you score a last minute seat upgrade on your next flight.

The app aims to auction premium seats that would otherwise fly empty, revolutionising the way customers upgrade flights – even at the last minute.

Teaming up with Amadeus Next, the leading community for travel tech start-ups, Seatfrog aims to transform the future of mobile airline ancillaries.

This incredibly clever app helps airlines unlock billions of dollars in unrealised revenue opportunities for last minute upgrades right up to the departure gate.

Seatfrog’s technology brings a mobile solution to a market designed for passengers, making the process an easy few clicks away on their smartphone.

All you need to do is download the app on your phone then add your flight details – whether its 6 months or 6 hours before take off. In just a few taps you can secure your upgrade!

So you don’t miss a thing, the app will notify you when the auction starts, you can even keep tabs on other bidders and current prices.

Once bidding finalises, you can jump the queue and get upgraded in seconds with a new boarding pass sent straight to your phone.

Seatfrog gives passengers a chance to upgrade, while maximising the value of empty seats of airlines.

To find out more about the app visit Seatfrog online and get yourself an upgrade for your next flight!